WordPress Developer

We are currently looking for a WordPress developer who will join an enthusiastic and fun team.


  •  Base knowledge
    * HTML && CSS specificatiile (W3C…)
    * debuging (Chrome Developer Tools, Firebug, etc.)
    * Responsive design
    * SEO
  •  Familiarity with WordPress development
  •  Familiarity with JavaScript
  • have experience with version control, for example: Git, Bitbucket
  •  Ability to take technical requirements and translate that into working code
  • Good problem solving and organisational skills, with the ability to multi-task

what’s in it for you:

  • an unique learning experience in our company;
  • working experience with great potential for growth
  • competitive salary
  • Full time;
  • benefits and compensations

Working for Blueline company is one of a kind experience. Come check it out!

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