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About us

Blueline Srl is a leading company in outsourcing services, which ensures the relocation of Back Office, Front Office and IT Solutions activities for various successful European companies.
Founded in Chisinau in 2008, due to an experienced team of professionals, it managed in a short time to lay the foundations of a viable development strategy, thus becoming a reliable outsourcing service provider.


Our goal is to maintain long-term relationships with partners, providing trust and quality services. Our clients are the companies that pursue both the maximum effectiveness and efficiency of their own processes in a highly flexible context, as well as the orientation towards minimizing costs. We guarantee maximum operational and economic control of the activities and services we provide, ensuring a daily record through a punctual and transparent report. In 14 years of activity, we have a refusal rate from our customers equal to zero and a confirmed average quality rate of 98.9%.


Blueline’s main assets are human resources. At Blueline personal merit, team spirit, successes and good cooperation will always be rewarded. Our relationship with people is based on trust, sincerity and respect for them, doubled by the highest professional standards that underlie our relationships with our clients, the community and our colleagues. We always take responsibility for what we do and the decisions we make.


Our pilot service “BLUDELEGO” refers to all office activities, which require the use of the terminal and / or phone as the main working tool. Discover all the services on