11 Self-Improvement Ideas


  1. From any failure, you can and should take something useful

The crisis pushes us towards development, it helps us to look at the situation in a new way, it gives us an invaluable experience. Sometimes failure is a sign that you are not ready yet or it is not for you.


  1. Record everything

Plans, valuable ideas, own thoughts – write them down immediately when they come, because in an hour you will forget everything. Write them in a notebook or phone. If you’re driving, record them out loud.


  1. Don’t take things too seriously

A bit of humor and self-criticism can help you get over many “less” pleasant situations. Try not to worry, do not keep the sorrows, they will only make you suffer. Be flexible and positive.


  1. Fear and the principle of the 90% probability

There is a 90% probability that what you are afraid of will never happen. Most of the risks are invented and have no rational reason at their core. So don’t panic and live your life to the fullest.


  1. Never compare yourself to others

It is very difficult to think about the fact that someone can be better than you. Therefore, it is better to compare yourself to yourself at different stages of life, write down the progress in personal development and always want to grow.


  1. Be grateful

You should be grateful for everything you have at the moment and cherish your close friends and relatives. Only in this way will you give sign to the subconscious and the universe that you are ready for more.


  1. If you cannot change the situation – change the attitude

By changing your attitude towards a situation or person in a more positive direction, you are more likely to influence and change them.


  1. Treat people the way you would like them to treat you

Learn the rules of competent communication, treat people like best friends, and they’ll respond to you in the same way.


  1. Do not judge yourself or blame yourself

This occupation “steals” a lot of energy, banishes the positive attitude and inhibits development. When you make a mistake, take out of it the usefulness and move on, without regretting anything.


  1. Active way of life

Don’t slow down processes. If you are going to be passive, then nothing will happen to you at the pace you want and deserve.


  1. If one desires to receive, one must first give.

Don’t wait for love, kindness, help. Love, offer kindness, help first, then be sure that you will be answered the same way.

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