Haven’t found your perfect job yet?

Hi! Here are six steps that I consider essential when you are looking for a new job. Have you tried them?

1. Take time and effort to write your CV.

Spend at least one hour to write your CV.  Although it seems  a simple thing to do, your CV reflects the effort you put in to get a job at the company where you are applying.
If your CV is made in five minutes (most likely in Europass) and is full of mistakes, it is not framed nicely and is full of irrelevant information, most likely no one will call you for the interview.
Depending on the industry in which you practice, you can approach a different CV (for example, if you apply to the creative area, you can make your CV in the form of a video)

Websites to create a CV that stands out: www.resume.io , www.resumebuild.com , www.zety.com/resume-builder etc.

2.  Linkedin

An incredible platform for networking and job opportunities. Unfortunately, there are still people who do not even know of its existence.

Linkedin is the most efficient solution to get hired quickly and I will list the advantages:

– Your profile that you complete with information about education and experience is seen by employers and represents a more interactive CV

– You can receive personalized alerts for jobs according to certain criteria that you set

– You can enter the profile of a company where you want to work and see if it recruits

– You can check the people who work at a company, look for those who work in a position similar to the one you want and see their experience / education so you can get an idea of your chances

– You can look for the people in the HR department and send them directly a very short message about you and attach the CV.

*I recommended this method to several people who were looking for a job and they succeeded.

3. Don’t limit yourself to the 3 classic job posting sites where everyone applies

Of course, this subpoint is not for everyone, the chances of finding a CEO job on an advertising site such as Olx.ro are somewhat lower but you have the chance to find a job for yourself or for an acquaintance.

4.Start with an internship / start job (if you are a student)

If you’re still a student, consider an internship. My recommendation is to start as early as possible and to make an experience in the field in which you want to practice so that you do not wake up at the end of college with zero experience and run from left to right looking for a job, constrained to take up an employment  out of need for money in another field and to deviate from the road to a successful career.

The first year of college is for exploring, for fun, but from the second year, from my point of view it is the right time to start an entry level internship / job on what you want to practice further, advancing and accumulating experience so that when you finish college you can already take a full-time position.

My example: I started working on weekends, then I worked 4h / day during the week, later 6h / day and after that I switched to full-time when I graduated from college. In this way I did not get hit by the answer “you do not have the minimum of X years experience” when applying for a job.

5. Go directly to the employer (on your own website)
If you already know in which field you want to work, you probably have a clear image of the companies operating on the market.
Well, you can go to the website of the company you want to work for and look for the “Careers” section where you can apply directly to them.
For example: https://careers.honeywell.com/us/en
6. Facebook/marketplace groups
There are facebook groups that are niched in certain areas and in which sometimes they post jobs / collaboration offers or even special groups with job ads.
For example: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Joburi.in.eCommerce
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