Relaxation techniques

When faced with busy periods, it is important to know some relaxation techniques that will help you get rid of negative thoughts and feelings. Find out what they are, try them and see which one suits you!

  • Breathing relaxation techniques

When you feel that you can’t focus on anything and need a break, take a sit in a comfortable position, in a quiet place, and focus on your breath: inhale deeply for 3 seconds, hold the air in your chest for 5 seconds, then exhale gently, gradually, until you remove all the air from your lungs. Repeat this 3 or 4 times, until you feel that your heartbeat has calmed down and the tension at the mental level has dispersed. You can do this exercise anywhere, anytime, but the ideal is to be in an empty room, where you can not be interrupted.

  • Visualisation relaxation techniques

Various studies have shown that human mind does not distinguish  reality from imagination (scenarios from imagination rich in details), and this fact lays on the basis of this method of relaxation that you can try yourself. Sit on the bed, on the couch, on the armchair or on a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Start counting from 1 and continue until you feel that you have managed to get rid of negative thoughts and worries. Focus on the countdown. The moment you have reached a calmer mental state, imagine that you are in a quiet park, that it is a sunny day and that you are surrounded by colorful, beautifully fragrant flowers, that the sun’s rays pass through the branches of the trees and warm you up, that the wind blows slightly, warmly and envelops you, that you walk unhindered in this gorgeous décor. Count the steps you take and allow your senses to record all these stimuli. Once you have relaxed, you can open your eyes. Repeat this exercise whenever you have the opportunity and you will notice, over time, that it will be easier and easier for you to calm down using it. You can visualize any image that brings you joy and any place you enjoy being.

  • Physical relaxation techniques

Ideally, for beginners, it is recommended to take a course with an accredited instructor, who can show and correct your yoga postures. If you do not have time, for the moment, you can search  online  for videos and images with the easiest exercises and positions that you can do at home, even before bedtime. One of the best known is the Lotus seated position, with legs bent and crossed, back straight and hands relaxed supported on the knees. It can also be used when you do breathing exercises, visualization or meditation.

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